Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 While on holidays I visited my parents who have four orange trees, two are over 50 years old and the other two are over 30 years old and the tree above is one of the baby ones, my dad saved the oranges for when my sister Anne and I could come down and pick some to take home with us....Nothing beats the taste of these oranges!
My 89 year old dad insisting that we shouldn't climb the ladder to pick the oranges at the top of the tree in case we fell! MMMMmmm me thinks it should be the other way around but dad is so fit and active he put me to shame :)

This is the tree after we'd picked the majority of the oranges, just leaving the lower hanging ones for mum and dad to pick over the next few weeks.....
And these are the 23 bags of oranges we picked from the baby tree, Anne and I went home with a boot full of oranges which I passed out at work and to friends and some for myself as's always nice to go home :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Girls day out in Ballan....

Saturday saw me head off to Ballan with my sister Anne to meet up with Shez, Liz and Rosalie.

We also timed it so we could attend the farmers market that was being held on the Saturday and we were not disappointed, this bread came home with me to have with my home made pea & ham soup MMmm very crunchy and full of seeds.

Sprung making some purchases.....

 Trying to take a selfie and finally succeeding LOL....after many, many attempts!

Having fun with friends is the best!

buying more gorgeous stuff at a beautiful shop in town called D & M Trader,s 147 Inglis Street, Ballan.....Dean & Matthew are a scream and couldn't have been more helpful :)

And here I am trying out my ballet moves..... I had a ball and can't wait for another chance to catch up with these lovely ladies again, it was such a fun and special day :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Plodding along....

I've been working on this stitchery in short intensive bursts, slowly getting there....loving this stitchery so not to fussed that's it's taken me so much time to get to tis stage I'm enjoying the slow reveal :)

Another Gail Pan stitchery I've finished, just need to add the embellishments and pop it into a frame and it's another one destined for a wall in my home..... Gotta love quick projects in-between working on longer projects to keep you as you can see I have been busy while absent from my blog :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What I've been working on....

One of the projects that's been taking up so much of my time is this triangle blanket.....hundreds of ends to be sewn in for each round but I'm finally getting to the end of those and then onto the final round of cream ( let's just pretend I wont have hundreds of ends to sew in again once this final round is done, buries head in sand ) I'm really looking forward to putting this one together real soon it's going to be gorgeous!!

Couldn't resist adding some progress shots, I can't believe how tiny these triangles were.......
The pile of triangles getting bigger and multiplying.....hope to be back soon with more of what I've been working on :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stitching day with Gail Pan....

Sunday saw me head of with my sister Anne to enjoy a day of stitching with like-minded ladies whilst enjoying the lovely food being offered throughout the day....above is the stitchery I started on the day and finished on Monday it's now hanging in my bedroom, so pleased to have finally finished something as I have so many things on the go that are big projects it was nice to start and finished something in just a couple of days :)
Below are some of the beautiful items/quilts that were displayed around the venue we were enjoy the eye candy and I'll try and get back soon with some progress shots of my long term projects I've been working on :)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

FNWF results....

Friday night saw me adding the fourth round to may stash of rectangles......lots and lots of ends to sew in again during my breaks at work next week then onto the final round of cream or white before I can start sewing them together :)
I also added a few more stitches to this embroidery to give my hands and shoulder a rest from crocheting so a very productive night for me.....if you'd like to see what everyone else got up to on Friday night why not pop over to Cheryll's  and say hi :)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Still crocheting away.....

I've been exploring pintrest and let me tell you that is a rabbit hole with no ending in sight LOL...on one site I saw an artists canvas decorated with various designs and sizes of cream and white doilies and fell in love with it so I'm going to give this a go with a few of the doily patterns I have in my stash as well as the ones Jo gave me from her mum's stash....thanks Jo I've loved looking through them all :)


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Food photo's....what I've been cooking up in my kitchen

These are just a few of the recipes I've been making up in my absence....above is a yummy raspberry coconut slice which I made to take to work for morning tea one week..... hubby has now demanded a new one to be baked just for him LOL as he only had a few pieces before I whisked the rest of to work the next day.

 I also made some yummy smelling bread to go with the home made pea & ham soup I made for dinner, the rest of the soup is now in my freezer ready to be defrosted on a cold winters night for dinner when I'm doing a late shift at work.....I love my freezer!
I also managed to purloin some red wine from a lovely co-worker ( thanks Bronwyn ) so I could make this slow cooker red wine and beef casserole with cheese and parsley dumplings.....oh my goodness it was soooo good I've also been asked to make this again by hubby :) May just need to ask Bronwyn if she any leftover red sitting around not being used lol.

 also made a decadent chocolate cake for a co-worker who is was celebrating 10 years service at the centre I work at....lets just say I took an empty plate home the following day :) So as you can see I have been keeping myself very busy in my blog absence and I hope to have a few more photo's to show you real soon :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

As promised.....

As promised I'm back with an updated photo of my triangles.....the piles are getting bigger!

 I'm only planning to make this blanket lap size and if it doesn't work out I'll have plenty of triangles to make some beautiful bunting for my sewing room and maybe as a few gifts lol :)

I've also been learning how to make these Christmas all know how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS! they're not as hard as I thought they'd be fiddly yes hard no so I have plans to make a few more very soon now that I've bought more pins and foam balls I just have to cut out more fabric and start folding.

I've also been trying to get a bit fitter so I've been walking before walk most mornings or in the mornings I don't work depending on how the weather is..... this is one of the view I get to see on my walk before I start work, very peaceful and serene :)

This photo was taken on one of my non working days and as you can see it was a bit frosty and chilly but just lovely to get out and walk in....

Another gorgeous morning and I couldn't resist taking a photo of this beautiful autumn tree with a brilliant blue sky as its of my walks around my home, a  bit later than I'd normally walk with the sun shining and the briskness of winter on its way.

On one of my earlier walks in the year I passed by this rose bush and couldn't resist taking a photo of this beautiful rose in full bloom, I can't wait till spring to see this bush again...... as you can see I have been keeping myself busy with my crochet and walking but I've also been cooking up a storm which I'll devote a few  pictures of on another post soon :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

What I've been up to while trying to figure out how to use windows 10....

As the title suggests I've been struggling to work out how to use windows 10....that's what happens when you leave your computer unattended for a few weeks ( insert very sad face here! ) I still haven't worked it out and I have now resorted to my little mini laptop and have had to transfer all info over so I can at least do a blog post with photo's as it's still on windows 7.....have I told you how much I HATE WINDOWS TEN!!! Sorry for yelling :( but I'm just a tad upset as windows 10 is absolute crap ( sorry for the language ) the format is hopeless and the design/image is harsh on the eyes and my blog keeps vibrating when I click onto it using windows 10 which makes it hard to stay on that computer long.....anyway enough of my rant lets get onto the fun stuff which is what I've been getting up to in my absence from blog land :)

I've been playing with more triangles....this time I'm trying for a blanket ,will show you more progress photo's later....

I made this gorgeous stitchery for a very special friends birthday ( waves to Ondrea ) and realized I hadn't blogged about it very remiss of me to get on to making one for me as I have an extra hat button to use up......

I also made this for another gorgeous friend "Cheryl" I must say I loved how it turned out and sooo glad I decided to do all the satin stitch on her top as it just made it pop :)

I know I've already shown you a photo of this beautiful bag but I couldn't resist adding it again I'm soooo in love with it :)

I also made two baby blankets for twins as per the mum's request in purple, blue, grey and cream using the same pattern but just varying the pattern design to get two totally different looks but with the same colour way..... and I'm happy to say the mum-to-be was very happy with the end result :)

I also participated in a lovely swap and the only requirement was it had to be a softie and since I've had this bunny pattern begging to be made for a little while I decided to make her up.....but wait I forgot to show you her tutu......

AAhhhh there she is all done up in her fancy tutu ready for a night out on the town :)
Anyway I will really try not to leave it this long again before I blog again unless in it's wisdom window's 10 decides it's going to force itself onto this mini lap top as well MMm hope not as I've missed blogging and my blog :)