Thursday, September 11, 2014

Charming Stars sew-a-long….


September’s block is now done and dusted for our Charming stars sew-a-long, I’m using the range “Midwinter reds” I only had enough of the cream fabric to make up 14 blocks with no sashing so 12 will be used for a wall hanging and the spare two will be made into a runner. I’ve already cut out and sewn up the points for each of my blocks but will select from these and make up one or two blocks a month till done.

I also copied Fiona's idea and made up HST blocks with the leftover corner triangles that would have otherwise been discarded and have plans of making a mini wall hanging as well as a cushion with these scraps…….Thanks Fiona it was soooo easy to make up these HST blocks Smile


Now I just need to wait for some more Midwinter Red fabric to arrive so I can finish my next lot of blocks……I just needed a few more creams and tans to even out what I already had in my stash. When this quilt is done I plan on making a larger version with my birthday red & white fat 1/4’s for our bed and I’ll also be using Fiona's trick again to make more HST for a few extra accessories to go with it.

It feels good to be back at the machine, it’s been ages since I’ve done any machine sewing SmileHopefully I’ll be doing lots more over the next few weeks.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Night With Friends Results….

Friday night saw me working on a couple of my crochet projects….


I went from two piles of pretty cherry ripe dots to…..


Four piles, ten dots per pile so that makes forty done and another forty one to work on and then I can start putting this baby blanket together. I also found myself working on adding a few more rows to this project I started in early August……..


After sorting through my wool baskets I found I had quite a few odd balls as well as odd 100gm balls leftover from other projects so now they’re all contained in one basket and from this basket I started making this rainbow ripple ( above ) and I’m planning to use the leftovers from this blankets to make a rainbow dot blanket next. Below is an updated picture of the six nearly seven rows completed last night, I love how soothing a ripple is to work on……Today saw me finally knuckling down and sewing in those pesky ends before they became too numerous Smile


Once these blankets are finished they will be going into my gift basket which is rapidly filling up with baby blankets  lol….. I’ll be doing a bit of blog hopping tomorrow to see what everyone else was working on and if you’d like to do this as well why not pop over to our lovely leader Cheryl's blog to peruse all the lovely blogs of the other participants at your leisure over the weekend Smile

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christmas in July….just a little bit late


My swap partner I was sending to was Michell and I’m late in posting a picture of what I sent to her because her parcel was returned to me and I had to re-send it and hold my breath hoping it would actually reach her this time. I don’t know what’s going on with Australia post as Michell in her email letting me know my parcel had finally arrived told me it wasn’t the only one that hadn’t reach her post box and had been returned to sender??

For this swap I sent for “R” a reindeer table runner….

For “S” I sent a stocking candle mat…..

For “I” Inspirational words I send a small wall hanging with the word “JOY”

I also sent some munchies and then added more after re-wrapping her parcel to re-send to her as a way to say sorry for it being so late ( I forgot to take a photo of these ) and Michell said they arrived just in time for her to feast on the clinkers after a hard day at work  LOL….

This swap was a lot of fun to participate in and I want to thank Cheryll for being such a wonderful swap momma with organising this swap and for Michell for being a very patient swap partner Smile

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sharon’s blanket, the big reveal…..Picture heavy


These hexagon’s were worked on while I was travelling around Tasmania in April……..


I started stitching Sharon's blanket while travelling in the car around Tasmania….


I also started growing the rows as we stayed at various places while in Tassie….


getting bigger…….


and bigger……..


Until it was big enough to cover a queen sized bed…..Love, LoVe, Love how this blanket came together and all the colours with it’s little pop of red and orange…..


It was soooo good to finally be bale to hand over Sharon's blanket to her on Saturday and by the look on her face I think she was a bit stunned by the size of it but I wanted it to be big enough so she could snuggle under it on the couch.


When  I finished making Sharon's blanket I had leftover hexie’s so I decided to make  a smaller blanket for Sharon's daughter “Miss Lily” so she could also snuggle under one just like her mum’s but I forgot to take a photo of it by itself so here is a group shot of the blankets. Sharon's blanket is the bottom one then Miss Lily’s in the middle and then with the extra,extra leftovers I made a small round baby blanket to put into my gift basket.

Sharon has posted on her face book page photo’s off Miss Lily with her blanket but since I haven’t asked permission to have Miss Lily’s photo on my blog I wont be able to show you these but I do know she loved it so that makes me very happy Smile

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mill Rosie meet up….

Saturday saw me head of with my sister Anne to our annual pilgrimage to Ballan for our Mill Rosie meet up. I didn’t take as many photo’s as usual as I just couldn’t move around as quickly as I used so so I’ve borrowed some photo’s from Shez’s blog to fill in the gaps.

PicMonkey Collagejnbhbg

the beautiful cat softy I am holding in the bottom right photo was from the lovely Ofaigh and came as a complete surprise when she presented me with her and of course she’s done up in my favourite colours of red & white thank you O’faigh you made my day!

This meetings swap was to be a project from Leanne Beasley and Sue was the lucky recipient below…… I think by the smile on her face she liked what she picked Smile


I was also lucky enough to receive my beautiful gift from Marg below…

PicMonkey Collagemgbb v

I was totally spoilt and the best thing was the fabric Marg chose to use to compliment the stitcheries was midwinter reds my absolute favourite fabric range it has such a lovely mxi of reds and creams….I think you can see by my expression I was delighted to receive this as well Smile Thanks Marg it will be taking pride of place on my coffee table for everyone to admire.


This is the project I took with me to work on during the day, but as usual too much chatting, catching up and good food got in the way of too much being done on the day so after a 3 hour nap on Sunday I set to work on adding the final edging to these African flower hexagons……117 completed ready to sew together and another 164 still needing 2 more rows before I can add them to the finish pile in the bag Shez made me for my birthday this year so I better get a hop on and start cracking the whip at myself. 

I’ve also been working on a secret project for my one on one swap with Sharon and last Saturday saw me presenting her with the finished blanket so just to tease you a little I’ll put a picture below of one of the work in progress pictures I’ve been taking and tomorrow I’ll do a full reveal Smile


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tilda Swap…..

Finally I can show you what I made and sent to my swap Partner Michelle for our Tilda swap, you could either make a design of Tilda’s or use Tilda fabrics I chose to use her fabric, I had fun platting her hair and making her dress and pantaloons I’d forgotten had lovely it is to dress up a doll.


Meet “Tilda” the long legged doll I made for Michelle dressed in her prettiest Tilda finery, I also included a special something for her to hold……


One of my crocheted cotton blocks I’ve been making recently I thought it went really well with Tilda’s outfit SmileI hope Michelle doesn’t mind but I borrowed this photo  and the following two photo’s from her blog as I forgot to take one before posting her parcel off.


I also included some yummy treats…….


as well as a bottle filled with Tilda buttons, a pretty aqua journal as I know Michelle loves her journals as well as some soap I picked up on my travels in Tassie this year while on holidays with my sister Anne.

Michelle has emailed me to say she loves her new friend and  has placed her on her rocking chair amongst her gorgeous quilts, so that’s a relief! I’ve loved making/sourcing/collecting bits and pieces for this swap now to start looking at our next swap which is themed “spots” Smile

Saturday, August 16, 2014

FNSI Results…..


Friday night saw me crocheting the borders around this baby blanket, I decided to do three rows with the soft chocolate and then a shell border in the medium blue. I love this blanket, the colours go really well together…..may just need to make a bigger version for myself I think.


Here’s a close up of one of the corners, love, love, love these colours together!


I also couldn’t resist starting another circle blanket using a rose pink and soft pink combination, I’m thinking of using the soft chocolate brown ( from the border of the blanket above ) for the borders of these circles…….combined they make me think of a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar…..LOL Time will tell if my imagination will live up to reality!

Don’t forget to pop over to Wendy's blog and check out all the other girls who joined in for a night of sewing with friends from around the world. Also a big thank you to Wendy also for hosting this each month!

Friday, August 15, 2014

FNSI and I’ve been busy while away…….


Tonight is Friday Night Sew In with Wendy there’s still time to sign up if you want to join in the fun, this blanket is what I’ll be working on, I’ll be adding the edging to finish it of and then it will go into the gift basket to be pulled out when needed.

I also finished working the edging for this baby blanket and it’s now in the gift basket but you know what those little squares seem to be multiplying and I seem to have enough to make at least two more of these blankets so I better get a wriggle on and get them done! I’m thinking I might add a coloured border to the next two instead of the cream like this one…..



I’ll also be starting on another little baby blanket but this one I’ll just have to tease you with a glimpse of the colours I’ll be using as the mum to be wants the pattern to be a complete surprise so no progress pictures for this project until I hand it to mum in November….I’d better get a wriggle on November will be here before we know it and then dare I say it…….CHRISTMAS!!!

Anyway, I’m feeling much better now I just need to take it slowly for the next few weeks which will be easy when I have such lovely projects to keep me occupied.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking a little bloggy break….

I’m going to be out of action for a little while so I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging, hope to catch up with you in a couple of weeks  Smile Barb.


Here’s something I’ve been working on to keep you going till I get back…..

Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July……

Today was our day to open our Christmas in July parcels and let me tell you I was blown away by all the gorgeous goodies my partner Lynda sent me. First out of the express parcel tumbled this little guy all dressed for Christmas……..he certainly gave me a good chuckle!


Next up was “R” for reindeer…….


A gorgeous Gail Pan Christmas wall hanging, totally gorgeous! Lynda’s stitching is so tiny and neat and I can’t wait for Christmas so I can hang this beauty up.

Next up was the letter “S” for stocking…….


Two very cute felt applique stockings which will look lovely hanging from my tree this year.

Next up was the letter “T” for tree and Lynda made me this beautiful zippered pouch which I’ve decided to use for one of my smaller crochet projects to take to work with me….


Inside the pouch Lynda also included some pretty Christmas ribbons and DMC threads which will come in handy with some of the Christmas stitching’s I’ve been prepping to start on soon……. But wait there’s more….


Lynda also included a little bling for my Christmas tree in shiny pink, doesn’t ducky look happy nestled in beside them  Smile

I just want to give a big thank you to Lynda for my gorgeous swap parcel and to Cheryll our fantastic swap momma for organising such an awesome swap!!

I’m still waiting to hear if my swap partner has received her parcel yet so I wont post any pictures of what I made her till I get confirmation that she’s opened her parcels  Smile